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 A little about lashes

The most important part of applying eyelash extensions is maintaining the health and integrity of the natural lash. That is why only high quality professional products are used for this procedure. These extensions are made from a poly fiber similar to that of a faux mink coat, allowing the lashes to have a bold look, while feeling soft, light, and flexible. Extensions range from 6 mm to 17 mm long, with a variety of curl and widths, accommodating everyones' unique eye shape and lash extension goals. The adhesive is free from formaldehyde, and is created specifically for the application of eyelash extensions. 


The application process

The application process is simple. Lashes grow and shed all the time, which is why they aren't as long as the hair on your head. The key to having healthy lashes while wearing extensions is to properly apply them. When more than one natural lash is adhered together, the faster growing lash will pull out the slower growing lash, which leads to discomfort and the loss of natural lashes. In addition, the product and adhesive used needs to be light enough that it won't break off the natural lashes. To avoid pulled or broken lashes, as well as discomfort, the extensions need to be applied one lash extension to one natural lash, with the exception of volume and mega volume extensions. That quality, time, and care is what you're going to find when you receive lash extensions at Transcend Beauty, Co. After care for your lashes is as follows:


After Care

    •    Please allow at least 6 hours before getting the lashes wet following application. This includes water, eyedrops, liquid liner, sweat or anything else of a liquid consistency.

    •    Avoid the use of oily products on, under, or around the lashes. This could cause a slide effect, where the extension and adhesive could slide off the natural lash. If you use an evening under eye treatment, apply it at least one hour before bedtime, giving the product enough time to absorb into your skin.

    •    Liquid eyeliner is going to be your best friend. Pencils and gels are very oily; apply a liquid and you'll have much more success. 

    •    Remember to keep them clean. No, you don't want to scrub and be ruthless on them, but the oils from your skin should be washed daily or bi daily from your lashes. You can purchase an extension safe remover at our salon, or a little bit of baby shampoo will do the trick. 

    •    Avoid playing, pulling, twisting, or snagging your lashes. Wash clothes and makeup remover wipes can snag and pull lashes.

    •    Lash extensions are perfectly healthy for your natural lashes, given that you aren't playing with them. Once you start pulling on them, you could accidentally pull a natural lash out in the process. 

    •    Be aware that eyes are sisters, not twins. The will not shed 100% evenly. Things like your daily routines or sleeping habits play into part with this. 

    •    Please do not cut your extensions. Lashes grow with a tapered point, as our extensions are created as well. Cutting them will create a chunky unattractive look to your lash extensions. After application if you feel they are too long we can remove a few and put on some shorter or more subtle extensions. 

    •    On rare occasions people could have or develop an allergy to the adhesive, where redness, swelling, itching, or irritation could occur to the eyelids. This is uncommon, though not unheard of, and can be taken care of by removing the lash extensions.

    •    Please note, I HIGHLY don't recommend getting your very first set of lashes a day or two before a large event (i.e., wedding, vacation, graduation, etc.). You don't know how your eyes will adjust to the adhesive. The adhesive is applied to your natural lash and the extensions, but it still hovers close enough to your eyelid to cause a reaction. I always tell my clients to get their first set at least two weeks before their big event, then get a fill right before. Reactions are rare, and the remover relieves that discomfort, but you don't want irritated eyes on your special day.