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Permanent Make-Up

Microblading                                                                                              Eye liner                                                                                                      Lips

What is Permanent Make-up?

Permanent make-up is a deposit of pigment into the dermis of the skin, resulting in a tattoo that is intended to resemble a make-up application. Permanent make-up is referred to in several different ways, such as cosmetic tattooing, dermalpigmentation, eyebrow embroidery, eyebrow feathering, ect. There are also forms of semi permanent make-up, resulting in a tattoo lasting about 1-2 years. The procedure performed here at Jordy's Aesthetic Expressions, however, is not semi permanent. If taken care of properly, you should enjoy your results for at least 8-10 years, if not longer. 

Are You A Candidate For Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent make-up is a great alternative to applying the same make-up every  day. Eyebrow and eyeliner tattooing is most common. Permanent make-up is ideal for anybody who has experienced hair loss in brows, wants a more defined shape, or those who want a look that won't run, smear, or require daily application. 

However, it is important to know what may hinder or prohibit a client from permanent make-up procedures.  Some contraindications include pregnancy or breast feeding. Due to the flood of hormones, pregnancy and breast feeding often times change the coloration of one's face, as well as causing water retention, resulting in a slightly different facial shape. Another common contraindication is diabetes, and a note from your doctor prior to the procedure is mandatory. Coumadin and other blood thinning medications could result in excess bleeding during procedure, causing a loss in pigment retention. Additional appointments may be considered to achieve the ideal final result. Cancers and clients on chemotherapy should wait at least 6 months after final treatments, as well as provide a clearance from their doctor giving permission. Any surgeries or cosmetic procedures on or near the tattoo site should absolutely be addressed prior to appointment. Lastly, clients need to be aware that if they wish to receive permanent eyeliner, that eyelash extensions much be removed from tattoo site. These are the most common contraindications for cosmetic tattooing, however it is always important to open and honest about any other medical conditions one may have, as well as medications or supplements one is taking.    

What to Expect

A consultation is available as a precautionary to those who feel uneducated, unsure, or are seeking more information about the procedure. At this time, we would discuss goals, expectations, and finally decide if permanent make-up is right for you. However, many of these questions and concerns can be addressed prior to appointment and doesn't actually need an additional appointment. 

At the time of service, myself and the client will discuss medical history, goals, expectations, and aftercare. I often ask my clients to wear make-up to their appointment, as this helps me obtain a visual of what my client's desires are. Next, we'll get some topical numbing on the tattoo site, while we discuss the pigment color best suited for the tattoo. I'll actually topically place a few dots of pigment directly onto your skin, so we can get an idea of what color reacts with and compliments your natural skin tone. We'll agree on a color together before any pigment is tattooed. Once we've agreed on the best pigment formula, I will create a design directly onto the tattoo site using the pigment. This allows a client to see the color and shape before anything is tattooed. At this point nothing is permanent and water could wash everything off. We'll create a design together that we both feel comfortable with. Please note, I will not tattoo anything that hasn't been approved by my client first!  

Depending on the tattoo site, service, and design, the initial appointment can take anywhere between 90 minutes to three hours. Eyebrow appointments typically take two hours, but again it can vary. After procedure is complete, I will provide written after care instructions, as well as products you'll need to take care of your new tattoo. It is important to know that the pigment will fade about 40% after the initial procedure. For this reason, it is common for clients to feel like their new design is too dark immediately following procedure. You can absolutely expect your design to lighten significantly after your first appointment. The tattoo site will be tender and maybe a little swollen for the next day or two. However most clients can return immediately back to work and their normal routine. Cold compresses are ideal for the first day after procedure. For the first 7-10 days following procedure, it is advised to keep tattoo site moist, avoid any harsh or exfoliating products, and keep tattoo site out of direct sunlight. During this time, light flaking or peeling on and near tattoo is to be expected. Do not pick!

And finally, it is important to return at the recommended time for your first touch-up. Often two touch-up appointments may be necessary to achieve ideal final results, however your first touch-up should not be neglected. Every permanent make-up service will include at least one touch-up. I always provide my clients with my cell phone number as well, reassuring my clients that their concerns are my concerns, and their peace of mind is my number one priority.


Microblading                                  Eye Liner                                        Lips

Also known as Hairline Strokes                                                  Top Liner only $199-$250                                                         Liner $299

Range between $399-$599                                                        Bottom Liner only $199-$250                                                 Liner with fade $399-

please allow 2-3 hours                                                                   Top and Bottom Liner $299-$499                                       Full Lip $550+

                                                                                                          please allow up to 2 hours                                                             please allow 2-3 hours


After Procedure Home Care

Keep a barrier of ointment that is provided to you on your new tattoo. Apply ointment for the first 5-7 days. The ointment keeps the skin moist during healing, which prevents scabbing and helps with the color saturation in the final result. It also protects the area from hair spray, perfume, dust, make-up, ect. Do not pick or peel flaking skin. Flakes are a natural reaction to the exfoliation. No sun or tanning beds for the next 7 days. Do not stand directly facing shower water pressure. Endorphins, which mimic Morphine, are put into action during procedure. You may feel woozy afterwards, though this is an uncommon reaction and very temporary. You may use ice for ten minute increments every hour. Longer exposure to ice can leech out pigment. No alpha-hydroxy creams, Retin-A, Renova, hydrocortisone cream, or benzoyl peroxide for 14 days following procedure. Do not resume any method of hair removal for at least two weeks. 

Eyeliner: If you wear contact lenses, bring glasses to wear home. You may resume use of lenses when eyes return to their pre-tattooed condition. You may begin use of a newly purchased mascara after 4-5 days. Sleep with head elevated for a couple of nights to keep swelling at a minimum. 

It is highly recommended to avoid alcoholic beverages, Vitamin E, and aspirin products 5 days prior to procedure. 

No blood donations to Red Cross or other organization for 1 full year following procures. In the event that you need an MRI, inform your MRI technician that you have permanent make-up. The magnets may attract the oxide in the pigment, which can cause a warming sensation to the tattooed area. A cold compress will usually prevent this sensation. 

It is important to wait at least 2 weeks after procedure to receive botox on or near the tattooed area. If you’ve had your lips tattooed, make sure to wait at least six weeks following final tattoo procedure to receive any sort of lip fillers.








About Jordy


Eyelash Extensions

Full Set     199

65-85 classic lash extensions applied per eye, please allow up to two hours

Half Set     99

35-45 classic lash extensions applied per eye, please allow up to one hour

Volume Up Extended Set     299

Up to 5 ultra fine lash extensions are applied to each individual natural lash, please allow three hours


  • One Week Classic Fill     35
  • Two Week Classic Fill     65
  • Three Week Classic Fill     90
  • One Week Volume Fill     45
  • Two Week Volume Fill     80
  • Three Week Volume Fill     110

Lash Tint 22

Brow Tint 22

Lash/Brow Tint Combo 39


About Our Lashes

To apply the lash extensions, it is at the upmost importance that the health and integrity of the natural lash is always in tact. That's why I use only the best products there are to offer, Minky's by Extend Your Lash. The lashes are made from a poly fiber similar to that of a faux mink coat. This material allows the lashes to have a bold look, while feeling soft, light, and flexible. Minky's offers sizes from 6 mm to 17 mm long, four different types of curl, and four different widths, accommodating everyones' unique eye shape and lash extension goals. The adhesive is free from formaldehyde, and is created specifically for the application of eyelash extensions. 

The application process is fairly simple. Lashes grow and shed all the time, which is why they aren't as long as the hair on your head! The key to having healthy lashes while wearing extensions is to properly apply them. When more than one real lash is adhered together, the faster growing lash will pull out the slower growing lash, which leads to discomfort and the loss of natural lashes. In addition, the product and adhesive used needs to be light enough that it won't break off the natural lashes. To avoid pulled or broken lashes, as well as discomfort, the extensions need to be applied one lash extension to one natural lash, with the exception of the Volume Up extensions. That quality, time, and care is what you're going to find in my work when you receive lash extensions from me here at Jordy's Aesthetic Expressions. 


After care for your lashes is very simple if you follow these instructions

  • After extensions application please allow at least 6 hours before getting the lashes wet with water, eyedrops, liquid liner, sweat- anything of a liquid consistency.
  • Avoid the use of oily products on, under, or around the lashes. This could cause a slide effect to occur where the extension and adhesive could slide off the natural lash. If you use an evening under eye treatment, it's recommended to apply it at least an hour before bedtime, giving the product enough time to absorb into your skin. That way your lashes won't be sitting in it while your eyes are closed!
  • Liquid eyeliner is going to be your best friend. Pencils and gels are very oily, apply a liquid and you'll have much more success. 
  • Remember to keep them clean. No, you don't want to scrub and be ruthless on them, but the oils from your skin should be washed away daily or bi daily from your lashes. You can purchase an extension safe remover at our salon, or a little bit of baby shampoo will do the trick. 
  • Avoid playing, pulling, twisting, or snagging your lashes. 
  • Lash extensions are perfectly healthy for your natural lashes given that you aren't playing with them. But once you start pulling on them, you could accidentally pull a natural lash out in the process. 
  • Be aware that eyes are sisters, not twins. The will not shed 100% evenly. Things like your daily routines or sleeping habits play into part with this. 
  • For the love of god, don't cut them. Lashes grow with a tapered point, as our extensions are created as well. Cutting them will create a chunky unattractive look to your lash extensions. After application if you feel they are still too long just call me! We can always remove a few and put on some shorter or more subtle extensions. 
  • And lastly, and this is an important one so pay attention, on rare occasions people could have or develop an allergy to the adhesive. There's no way of knowing until they are applied. Redness, swelling, and irritation would occur on your eyelids if this happens. Again, just call me. We'll remove them and you'll be just fine. 
  • Please note, I HIGHLY don't recommend getting your very first set of lashes a day or two before a large event (i.e. wedding, vacation, graduation, etc.). You don't know how your eyes will adjust to the adhesive. The adhesive is applied to your natural lash and the extensions, but it still hovers close enough to your lid to cause a reaction. If you had a reaction the day before your wedding, that would really stink! I always tell my clients to get their first set two weeks before their big event, then a day or two before to get a fill. Reactions are very rare, and the remover definitely elevates that discomfort, but you don't want irritated eyes on your special day.








Waxing Services

Berodin wax is the brand used for all waxing services. It is a hard wax, which means it settles and does not require a cloth strip. Because cloth strips aren't needed, the hard wax is not as hot, nor as painful. Please be aware that any topical form of vitamin A, such as retin A and retinol, can cause burning or peeling. Its recommended that you discontinue these products at least five days prior to waxing. Also know that these creams are systemic, which means it travels through your body through your blood. Meaning if your using it on your lip, a wax to your brows could cause discomfort whilst not waiting a few days after application. 



Eyebrows    16

Lip    9

Brazilian    50

Removal of everything in the front and the center of the backside, allow up to 30 minutes

French    45

Removal of as much or as little as you want from the front and the center of the backside, allow up to 30 minutes

Bikini Line    35

Removal of unwanted hair outside of bathing suite line, allow 15 minutes



Important Information To Consider Prior To Booking

  • Eyelash extension appointments are performed in the Cara Bella Lash Lounge. There are often other clients receiving lashes at the same time, similar to a hair salon. Clients enjoy this atmosphere because it allows open conversation between the girls working, as well as with our clients. 
    • However, if you would prefer to receive your eyelash services in private, there are private rooms available to accommodate those individuals. Advanced notice is required.
  • Unfortunately, children are not allowed in the studio. It's not that we don't love children, but Cara Bella Studio is an unsafe environment for young children and while you are receiving a treatment there is no supervision for said child. We also need to be considerate to the other customers in the studio, and remember that lots of them value their adult time away from their own kids!
    • If something should happen and you bring your kiddo along, we'll have to reschedule for another time. It's not a punishment, it's for your child's safety. 
  • Cara Bella Lash Lounge allows for open conversation, and occasionally conversations can get a little wild! Please know, we love our clients and want them to feel completely comfortable expressing themselves freely. However, if you prefer to have more conservative conversation, please consider requesting for a private room.
  • There is a 24 hour rebooking policy. Please, if you need to change, move, or cancel your appointment, pay me the courtesy of 24 hours advanced notice. If you cannot allow for 24 hours, a $35 rebooking fee will be applied.
  • No call no show appointments result in a cost of session fee.












About Jordy's Aesthetics Expressions And Cara Bella Studio

Cara Bella Studio is a salon located in the Denver Tech Center, where independent businesses are given the opportunity to build their business. While Jordy's Aesthetic Expressions is located within the studio, my business and practices are not affiliated with that of Cara Bella Studio. Regina Jaramillo is the owner of the studio. 





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